About Whisky Lovers

Whiskylovers was founded and built by me a whisky lover. My passion for whisky seemed to naturally follow from my love of Australian red wine and I was lucky enough to have a day job, which allowed me to travel the world. At first my appreciation for the flavours of Scottish whisky whet my appetite to find out more about the flavour profiles of single malt whiskies but over time I have been helping to introduce American bourbon to an appreciative audience in Australia.

Whiskylovers is the start of a new adventure to introduce rare Scottish and Japanese whisky along with American whiskies to other whisky lovers looking for something more than mass-market offerings. My ambition is to educate a growing market for whisky with tutored tastings and tasting notes. I will be adding new products for you to discover over time as well as offering a service for you to sell your special bottle through whiskylovers.

Thanks for stopping by. For any feedback please contact us at sales@whiskylovers.com